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Nebraska Veterans' Aid Fund (NVA)
This is a temporary emergency aid fund that assists veterans, their spouses, and dependents when unforeseen emergencies occur and other resources are not immediately available. For NVA purposes, a veteran is any person who served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States who received an Honorable Discharge, or its equivalent. Application for the fund must be made through the County Service Officer or Post Service Officer of any recognized veterans' organization in the county nearest the applicant's place of residence and submitted to the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Eligibility for State financial assistance requires Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions) discharge from active duty. This requirement is not met by active duty for training only.
(Specific residency and service dates are required for some State Benefits).

Tuition Waiver
The University of Nebraska, the state colleges, and community colleges on behalf of any eligible child, spouse, widow or widower that meets the following requirements may waive tuition. He or she is a resident of this state and meets the appropriate institutions requirements for paying in-state tuition. He or she has a parent, stepparent or spouse who was a member of the armed forces of the United States and who: (1) Died of a service connected disability; (2) Died subsequent to discharge as a result of injury or illness sustained while in service; (3) Is permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service; (4) Is classified as missing in action or as a prisoner of war during armed hostilities after August 4, 1964. The waiver shall be valid for one degree, diploma, or certificate from a community college and one baccalaureate degree. Applications are submitted to the Department of Veterans' Affairs by contacting the County Veterans Service Officer nearest the applicant’s place of residence.

The Department has approximately 700,000 discharges on microfilm. If a veteran entered from and returned to Nebraska upon separation from the military, a copy of the discharge may be on file. Certified copies are available at no charge to the veteran.

Grave Registration
The Department of Veterans' Affairs shall preserve, by counties, a permanent registry of the graves of all persons who served in the Armed Forces in time of war or whose mortal remains rest in Nebraska. Information concerning the registry can be obtained from the Department of Veterans' Affairs or a County Service Officer.

Nebraska Veterans' Homes
There are four homes in Nebraska. Scottsbluff-Grand Island-Norfolk- Bellevue.  The objective of these homes is to provide nursing home care to war-time veterans that meet at least the two year residency requirement, and has become disabled due to service, old age, or otherwise to an extent that it would prevent the applicant from earning a livelihood. Entitlement for admission extends to the spouse, surviving spouse, and Gold Star parents of eligible servicemen and women, provided they meet certain requirements. Applications are made through the County Service Officer in the county in which the applicant resides.

Who To Contact For More Info:
For questions or additional information on any issue concerning veterans, contact:

Douglas Co. Veterans' Service Center
1111 South 41st Street, Suite 110
Omaha, NE 68105
or call: (402) 444-7180
Fax: (402) 444-4114
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.